Have you been thinking about getting ClickFunnels to build your marketing funnels but aren’t quite sure if it’s worth the investment? You’ve probably seen the slick ads and promises of easy money from the gurus promoting this popular software. Before you whip out your credit card, you owe it to yourself to get the real scoop on ClickFunnels from someone who isn’t trying to sell it to you. So without further due, let’s get right into my Click Funnels Review.

In this no-holds-barred review, I’m going to share what ClickFunnels is, how it works, the pros and the cons, and most importantly whether or not it’s right for your business. I’ve been using ClickFunnels for over a year now to create lead funnels, sales funnels, and membership sites, so I know the ins and outs and all the little gotchas. My goal here is simple: to give you the information you need so you can make an informed decision about if and how you want to use ClickFunnels. Let’s dive in!

Click Funnels Review: What Is ClickFunnels and Who Is Russell Brunson?

So what exactly is ClickFunnels and who created it? ClickFunnels is a popular software that helps businesses automate their marketing funnel process. It was created by Russell Brunson, an expert marketer and sales funnel builder.

Russell Brunson started his first online company while he was wrestling at Boise State University. He built his company to over $3 million in sales in under 3 years. He’s an innovative entrepreneur who has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, and built a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of business owners automate their marketing.

ClickFunnels essentially helps you create optimized landing pages and marketing funnels. It offers pre-built funnels for many business types like:

  • Product launch funnels
  • Webinar funnels
  • High-ticket coaching funnels
  • Membership site funnels

The key benefit of ClickFunnels is that it allows you to easily create sales funnels for your business without needing an expensive developer. You can choose a pre-made funnel or build your own using the simple drag-and-drop editor.

Once your pages and funnels are built, ClickFunnels also provides analytics and metrics to see how your funnels are performing and where you can improve them. They have an active Facebook community with over 100,000 members where you can get advice and share tips with other ClickFunnels users.

Overall, ClickFunnels is a popular all-in-one marketing funnel software. If you want an easy way to build high-converting funnels for your business, ClickFunnels is worth checking out. The platform is very beginner-friendly but also has features for more advanced marketers.

Click Funnels Review: ClickFunnels Pricing – How Much Does It Really Cost?

So you’re interested in ClickFunnels but wondering how much it really costs? The pricing can be a little confusing at first. The good news is there are options at different price points depending on your needs.

The Two Core Plans

For most people, the Actionetics or Etison Editor plan will be enough. Actionetics starts at $297/month and includes features like email marketing, SMS messaging, and affiliate tracking. The Etison Editor plan is $297/month and gives you access to all the ClickFunnels features like the funnel builder, page editor, and backpack.

Other Options to Consider

If you’re on a budget, the ClickFunnels Platinum plan is $97/month and includes 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors per month. For high-volume users, the Two Comma Club X plan is $2,497/month and provides unlimited funnels, pages, traffic, and more.

Annual vs. Monthly Billing

Paying annually vs. monthly can save you a lot of money. Annual billing for Actionetics is $2,388, a savings of over $500. The annual Etison Editor plan is $2,976, saving you $672. And annual Platinum members pay just $997, saving $291.

What You Really Get for the Money

For the price, ClickFunnels provides an all-in-one marketing solution with funnel and page builders, email and SMS marketing tools, affiliate management, and more. While the upfront investment may seem high, the automation and money-saving features can quickly pay for themselves. And with a 14-day free trial, you have nothing to lose by signing up and seeing if it’s right for your business. ClickFunnels aims to make entrepreneurship accessible for everyone, whatever your budget.

Click Funnels Review: The Good – Why We Love ClickFunnels

The Good: Why We Love ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is popular for good reason. Here are a few of the major benefits this software provides:

Easy to Use

ClickFunnels was designed to be simple enough for beginners to pick up quickly. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to build sales funnels, landing pages, and membership sites without any coding experience. You don’t need a degree in web design or development to build high-converting funnels. The learning curve is minimal, so you can start seeing results fast.

Pre-made Templates

For those who want to hit the ground running, ClickFunnels offers a wide selection of pre-made templates for all types of funnels – product launch, lead generation, webinar, and more. Just select a template, customize it, and you’ll have a high-converting funnel up and running in no time. The templates are professionally designed to maximize conversions.

A/B Testing

Want to optimize your funnels for the best possible conversions? ClickFunnels makes A/B testing fast and simple. Create multiple versions of a page or funnel, then ClickFunnels will automatically split traffic between the variants and tell you which one converts the best. Implementing the highest-converting option is as easy as the click of a button.


ClickFunnels plays nicely with many of the tools online marketers and businesses use, like email services, payment processors, affiliate programs, and membership platforms. Native integrations with services like Twilio, Zapier, and others expand the functionality even more. No matter what systems you have in place, ClickFunnels likely integrates with them.

Customer Support

Stuck on something or have a question about using ClickFunnels? Their customer support team is there to help. Support options include live chat, email, phone, and an extensive knowledge base with how-to articles and video tutorials. For technical issues, support response times are usually within a few hours. They really go above and beyond to make sure you get the help you need.

Click Funnels Review: The Not-So-Good – Potential Downsides to Consider

While ClickFunnels is a popular funnel builder used by over 100,000 entrepreneurs, it does come with some potential downsides to be aware of before you buy.


ClickFunnels isn’t the cheapest funnel builder on the market. Plans start at $97/month for the basic Etison Editor plan, and can go up to $297/month for the full Etison Suite. While the software does provide a lot of value, the cost may be prohibitive for new or budget-conscious businesses. Some alternatives like Leadpages and Instapage offer more affordable plans to get started with.

Steep Learning Curve

ClickFunnels is a robust platform, and with that comes a good amount of complexity. There is a learning curve to building funnels, creating pages, setting up email sequences, and more within ClickFunnels. While they do provide a lot of training and resources, you’ll still need to invest time in learning the ins and outs of the software to use it effectively. This can be frustrating for those who want a simple, intuitive solution.

Too Many Options

With so many types of funnels, page templates, email templates, integrations and more – ClickFunnels provides a lot of options. However, this can also lead to “analysis paralysis” where you feel overwhelmed with choices and have trouble deciding what’s best for your needs. It may take trial-and-error to determine the right combination for your business.

Affiliate Marketing Focus

ClickFunnels was created with a strong focus on helping people build sales funnels to promote affiliate products. While it can certainly be used for other types of lead generation and sales, some of the funnel types and templates seem geared more towards affiliate marketers. If you’re not promoting affiliate offers, you may need to do more customization to match your needs.

Overall, while ClickFunnels is a popular and powerful funnel builder, make sure you go in with realistic expectations about the learning curve, costs, and its focus on affiliate marketing. For some, the investment in time and money will be well worth the results. But for others, a simpler and more budget-friendly option may be better to start with.

Click Funnels Review: Our Verdict – Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

So, is ClickFunnels worth the investment? Based on our review, we think so. Here are a few reasons why:

Affordable Pricing

For under $100/month, you get access to everything you need to build high-converting funnels. The starter plan is very affordable and lets you create 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors per month. As your business grows, you can easily upgrade to the next plan.

Easy to Use

ClickFunnels was created with newcomers in mind. The drag and drop editor makes it simple to build pages and funnels, even if you have no technical skills. You don’t need a developer to set things up for you.

Pre-built Templates

Want to get started quickly? ClickFunnels offers a ton of pre-built funnel templates for different industries like ecommerce, webinars, product launches and more. You can use the templates as-is or customize them to match your brand. Either way, the templates save you a ton of time.

Great Integrations

ClickFunnels integrates with all the top email marketing, payment processing and affiliate marketing tools. Connecting these tools is as easy as a couple clicks, so you can automate your entire marketing and sales process.

Amazing Community

The ClickFunnels community is like no other. In the private Facebook group, members share strategies, funnels, and advice to help each other succeed. ClickFunnels also hosts a mega conference called Funnel Hacking Live where members get together in person. The community support alone makes the investment worthwhile.

Overall, ClickFunnels offers an unparalleled experience for creating high-converting funnels. While the cost may be higher than some other options, the value you get makes it 100% worth the investment. The easy-to-use interface, pre-built funnels, and amazing community support allow you to build funnels faster than ever before. If you’re serious about your online business, ClickFunnels is the tool for you.


So there you have it, a full review of ClickFunnels and what you can expect as a customer. At the end of the day, ClickFunnels is a robust tool with a lot of functionality for building high-converting sales funnels. The training and support are excellent for newbies, but the cost is on the higher end for similar tools. If you’re serious about your business and ready to take it to the next level, ClickFunnels is worth the investment. If you’re still on the fence or just starting out, you might want to try the 14-day free trial first to see if it’s the right solution for you before committing. The most important thing is that you take action – because your business success is waiting on the other side of that next funnel you build. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started with your free ClickFunnels trial today!

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